Knotted Apron Menu

your neighborhood bistro

Our menu is subject to change at any time

First Course


Sea Salt, Rosemary, Evoo


Caesar Salad

White Anchovies, Garlic Croutons


Celeriac Soup

BBQ Shrimp, Oyster Mushrooms


Main Course

Squash Agnolotti

Duck Confit, Cherry Walnut Pistou


Flat Iron

Buckwheat Gnocchi, Sauteed Greens, Tamarind A-1



Celery Root, Meyer Lemon, Castelvetrano Olives



When the sweet tooth comes a-knockin’,
dish up one these luscious dessert options.

Augustus’ Last Sip Vodka, Espresso, Kalúha, Godiva Liqeur


Chocolate Pot de creme w/Grand Marnier & Whipped Cream


Meyer Lemon Cake w/Lemon Curd & Buttercream


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